• Broader than history

art-arms.jpgA visit to a Kentwell Re-Creation gives children far more than a history lesson.

You can explore science, for example;

  • At the alchemists and forge - How can metal be shaped? How is gunpowder made?
  • At the felters - why does soap and wool create felt?
  • In the kitchens, bakery, dairy, sotlers and brewhus - How do the bread-fired ovens work? Why does cheese set or ale ferment?
  • In the garden and stillroom - What is a good cure for a sore throat?

Kentwell's simple Camera Obscura illustrates in a few seconds many properties of light, the operation of the eye and the principles of the camera; topics that might otherwise be covered separately in geography, biology and science. What a child might learn over several lessons, the child may understand instantly in the Camera Obscura. Sch 2016 table subj.jpg

Or how about exploring the use of language, art, social cohesion or health? Or the differences between the lives of the rich and the poor, and how they both depend on each other?

A Kentwell Re-Creation will take your children back in history. In essence everyday life changed little over centuries prior to the industrial revolution. Building styles, clothes and events of the time alone provided evidence of a given age. Whatever period your children may be being taught, a Kentwell Re-Creation will offer insights impossible to make in the classroom. Kentwell is the best fully interactive resource anywhere for exploring the past – no wonder it is the one school trip that all children remember.

A visit to Kentwell is not just about History!

All images and text © Kentwell Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk CO10 9BA