• What visiting teachers and children say

art-lute.jpgThe success of our Re-Creations is shown by the number of schools that keep on coming back. We've had over half a million school children through our gates, and of the schools that visited last year, over 90% were repeat visitors.

What teachers say
Teachers find a visit to Kentwell an invaluable part of their study of history. Here are some of the comments we had from teachers visiting:

"This is an absolute must for a class studying the Tudor period. You feel like an idiot dressed up and waiting for the coach, but it is really worth it when you arrive and are thrust back into a really convincing Tudor age. The adults that had removed their hats quickly put them back on - you felt wrong without them. How they persuade even the children to stay so resolutely in character I don't know, but even my really intelligent pupils half believed that they had been transported back to Tudor times. There must be several hundred 'Tudors' for the children to talk to or watch."

"A brillant trip for our Year Five children who were learning about the Tudors. So many things to see and do. The staff and attention to detail made you think you had travelled back in time. Made to feel really welcome. Excellent organisation. The children learnt so much in one day more than a term's work in school. A lasting memory for all. Highly recommended."

"There is nothing that I could have done in the classroom that could have brought history to life like this visit."

"I think Kentwell is a brilliant trip and will definitely book again next year. The recreation teaches the children more in a day than I can in the classroom all term. Having visited on a particularly hot day, I appreciated the extra water stops and how understanding the everyone was about our over-heated state."

"The most unbelievable experience which the children will never forget."

"A vist to Kentwell should be compulsory for every child's education."

From a teacher who has been visiting for eight years:

"This is not just a school trip but has been part of my school career. I am now changing year group but will ensure my successor continues to bring the Year 5's."

What children say
It is simply wonderful being on the outside of the Time Tunnel hearing the childrens' comments as they come out. Some of our favourites are:

"It's like being part of a story."

"Thank you for leaving the boring bits out!"

"Do we have to come back to the 21st Century?"

"Have you been in there? You go back in time! It's brill!"

"It's the best day I've ever had!"

From an ex-school child who visited as an adult:

"I wanted to contact you to say thank you for the most fabulous day out! I came to Kentwell Hall when I was about 11 or 12 (23 years ago roughly!) and remembered it as my favourite school trip. When my 6 and 7 year old started asking me lots of questions about the Tudors it reminded me of Kentwell Hall and after a quick look on-line I confirmed that yes, you did still do Tudor recreations. So along with some family friends we visited yesterday, I have to admit, I was a little scared that I'd made it sound better to the children than it was - I was worried they were going to be bored after I'd been saying how great it was all week. I shouldn't have worried, we all enjoyed every second of it, the Tudors were all, without exception, absolutely amazing. My daughter has talked non-stop (pausing briefly for a little sleep) about 'the best trip ever', my son said he liked it even better than that!"

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