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STO Awards 2017-18 Finalist BHV.jpegKentwell is the originator of historical live events for schools in the UK. Since we started, over 30 years ago, we've had over half a million schoolchildren pass through our gates.

What we offer is still the biggest, most comprehensive, and most authentic Tudor experience you will get anywhere. We Re-Create life on a community scale, our entire historic house and estate are transformed into a 16th Century Manor, with up to 150 inhabitants of all ages, skills and wealth carrying out a huge variety of daily tasks.

You cannot get a better experience in the UK for giving school-age children a real insight into life in Tudor England.

We strongly recommend that you pre-book your tickets - we cannot guarantee that we will have tickets available on the day.

To book tickets, and for more information, please visit the dedicated page on our main website, at: http://www.kentwell.co.uk/events/kids/home-educators-day

A visitor to last year's event said:

A huge thank you to you and everyone at Kentwell for a wonderful, memorable day at Kentwell yesterday.

We had not heard of Kentwell before it came up on the Home Ed lists. We travelled from Oxfordshire the day before, visited Lavenham on Tuesday and stayed nearby overnight, so it was quite a big trip for us. The lead-up to it, with the costume-making, was great fun too.

My six year old and our German teenage friend both voted it fantastic. The Tudor characters were all great, and they were excellent at pitching things just right for our different ages and experiences. We've used it as an introduction to the Tudors and to see and take part in such a range of activities was just perfect. We managed to visit virtually every part, with a repeat visit to the blacksmith who was a favourite. The girls are downstairs at the moment working enthusiastically on pricked designs of Tudor roses onto little wooden panels - they've mixed powder paint in cockle shells inspired also by the miniature painters and I can hear them discussing Tudor dancing as they do their painting. They are keen to try some natural dyeing and to try to make felt hats too.

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